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12.8v 85C/M winker/flasher relay for LED / LAMP TYPERPM SENSOR
This is a universal motorcycle 12.8v 85C/M suit for LED & LAMP flasher relay (winker). Our product suit for any 2 wheels and 3 wheels vehicle such as any motorcycle, street motorcycle, scooter, moped , ATV, buggy, bike, dirt bike, autobike, motobike.....12.8V    85C/MLED & LAMP TY
for yamaha 135lc cdi racing Jupiter-MX 135 cdi unit ignintion box 1S7-H5540-00
for yamaha 135 Jupiter MX cdi racing Jupiter MX 135 cdi unit ignintion box1S7-H5540-00two connectors 12 pin with RPM, TPS, auto by start, fan, temperaturecontrol, multiple ignition curve.....Application reference:for Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 Taiwan origin manufacturer suppliers
regulator rectifier for KYMCO 31600-LCD3-E00
this is a 12v voltage scooter regulator rectifier unit box, which be used on the motorcycle parts for KYMCO, for Malaguti, for HONDA.... This rectifier & regulator is a 12v thress phase 10 -15amp regulator / rectifier for motorcycle, scooter, moped, ATV, BIKE, alternator 12v regulator.... Appl



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manufacturer locates in Taipei of Taiwan
products: electronic / electrical parts for ATV, motorcycle, bike, scooter, UTV...(regulator rectifier, light controller / light control unit, hazard controller / hazard control unit, cdi unit,
flasher relay / winker, rpm sensor...

Our company / factory locates in Taipei of Taiwan, covering an area of 1500 square meters and a capital of NT$20,000,000.00 with employees 25. To offer our customers with products of auperior and reliable quality and prompt delivery is our main priciple.

We are one of the major manufacturers of electrical / electronic / control unit products for scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, bikes, ATVs ... in Taiwan. We have passed
ISO 9001:2008. Also with the patent of Taiwan M469226 (Intelligent vehicle lamps), M402222(Vehicle regulator), M509147(Intelligent regulator rectifier parts), M389056(New flasher relay), M498239(Smart vehicle auxiliary device), M469377(O2 sensor auxiliary device).... Our main customers for well-know brand motorcycle.... manufacturer in Taiwan & Europe. We also have business relation in the EU, North America and Asia for aftermarket.

Our products range include cdi, regulator, flasher relay, hazard control unit, light control unit, shift gear control unit, RPM sensor.... electronic control parts.... We provide high quality products to our customers to satify customers' most stringent need....


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